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Free Videos

We know many in our community are feeling anxious and confined with the recent measures taken to help "flatten the curve" against the coronavirus through social distancing.  Kids are home.....maybe you're working from home.  And all of you need some peace of mind right about now!  Experts at Harvard even recently noted that yoga can help reduce stress during this time!  So here's some freebies to help bring a little peace right now.  Namaste everyone! 

Kids & Family Yoga

Melting Point Hot Yoga
Adjusting the World Chiropractic 
Family Yoga Fun
Kids Yoga Germ Busters
Kids Spring Yoga

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga : Immunity Boosting Practice
Prenatal Yoga with Crystal
Postnatal Yoga: Back to Basics

Want more videos?  Become a member.  Members have access to live classes and even more games and videos, starting at only $39.99/month!

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