Recommended Books for Kids (Some even have suggested poses)

We often incorporate books into our kids classes. Some specifically cite yoga asanas (poses), and others do not but have meaning which align closely with yoga themes. Looking for a good way to pass the time at home unplugged with the kiddos? We recommend these books. I am Yoga by by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds - a classic yoga book with suggested poses and even a guide at the end! Lemonade hurricane by Licia Morelli and Jennifer E. Morris -a great book which discusses mindfulness and how kids can slow their minds when everything feels out of control. Yoga Frog by Nora Shalaway Carpenter and Mark Chambers - a cute book which discusses how yoga makes us feel better. Book even include

Yoga with Hopscotch

When it comes to kids yoga, tapping into fun and creativity helps. Children learn through play. Much like adults, the yoga conjured in many minds of children stirs up thoughts of sitting still, holding uncomfortable poses, maybe even some chanting. Though all of those are amazing tools in the practice of yoga, the heart of asana (the physical practice of yoga) is all about "yoking" and harnessing energy to get to the point where our minds and bodies can stay still. One way with children can use the familiar game of hopscotch. Here's how it goes: Step 1: Find some chalk. Any old chalk will do, and if conditions aren't best for outdoor play, consider printing blank paper to draw poses on

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