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While it is always an honor to hear kind, encouraging words about the Prenatal Yoga classes, these quotes speak, most of all, to the benefits yoga has in birth, as well as to the strong community and camaraderie people find through practicing in class with those going through similar journeys at similar times in life!

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” 
― Dorothy Day

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" I’m so glad I joined the group and appreciate all you and the Mamas had to offer. " -Brittany

"I had my baby back in March and just wanted to thank you for being a great yoga teacher for me throughout my pregnancy!" -Katie

"The yoga classes were so helpful as preparation.  Thank you and all the moms who shared so much support and friendship along the way. Looking forward to mommy and me yoga soon!" -Meredith

"Thank you so much for your wonderful classes! And please thank the other ladies for their support, advice, and positive energy!"-Stephanie

"I kept hearing your calming voice telling me to “ breath through the waves.”  So thank you!! I have looked forward to your classes every week since starting...the feeling of community, support, and relaxation have been priceless as a first time Mom!"-Jessica

"Definitely used the mind and body connection we talked so much about during my 30 hour labor.  Thank you for such a welcoming class. I will be sure to come to baby and mommy classes as soon as I can! "-Caitie

"During the whole process, I kept thinking about you and how you said everyone has a different pregnancy story. Surely mine wasn’t the one I always dreamed of, however, we are so thankful to have our healthy little one at home now. " -Missy

"Thank you for the amazing prenatal yoga experience!"-Stefanie

"Thank you again for all the support, love, and advice throughout my entire pregnancy. I can tell it made a difference!"-Maria


"I definitely used all my breathing techniques you taught me to get through the pain and had both my Dr and nurse say how great It was, so thank you again!! -Ashley

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