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You do you, Mama-boo!

To complement my yoga practice, I have been doing indoor cycling. One of my favorite instructors coaches us to find our personal level that day-whether more or less, and uses the phrase, "You do you, boo!" Which leads me to think about this in terms of motherhood.....

As moms we do a lot-A LOT, and you would think that would be enough. Yet, we are constantly comparing ourselves to this self-made level of perfection. I can remember a birthday party for my-at the time- Frozen obsessed daughter where I had this grand idea to custom order a cake for her birthday. I also decided because one kid may/may not have gluten intolerance that it should be gluten free. Oh and I had a picture it just HAD to match. Way too much money later, the cake tasted blah, the kids barely cared, and the parents gave me crazy looks ("why lady??? why would you go to these lengths!??"). From that point on, it is our local grocery store cakes all the way. Break-apart cupcakes, whatever theme, you name it. Did I break my mom-perfectionist habit? Hardly. But it was certainly a turning point where I try and remind myself to stop worrying about this "perfect mom" image.

In Sanskrit (an ancient language in yoga), there is a mantra, or tool of thought, called Soham. Soham simply means, "I am", or "It is". The term is found in Vedic literature, and is a phrase that identifies "oneself with the universe or ultimate reality", So, what if, as moms, we all remembered that term. That we all are part of this grand mama universe doing just being. And that changes from day to day. And that is okay!

You may be still saying “huh”? I am talking about those moments where you see a mom in a store with a screaming child & your eyes meet. You try to give her that “ it’s okay! Really, you’ve got this” look. And she may give you that “ thank you” right back. Or maybe you were that mom with the screaming child, and it meant the world to have someone else know what it’s like. It made all the difference.

So maybe, at the end of the day, after commuting to work/school, perhaps sports & extracurricular activities,......... you decide to "drive-through" for dinner once in a while instead of homemade, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, you name it. And maybe that allows time for a nice glass of wine for sanity. There is no shame, and no judgement. You do you, mama-boo, you do you!

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